Luki #1

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Luki#1 connects your camera to your smartphone via HDMI, and replaces a monitor, a recorder, a streaming box, and even a wireless video link.
Luki#1 change the way, how you use your camera forever.



Thanks to all Kickstarter Backers, Luki#1 is available now.


Lukilink Monitor

Have you ever whished, you could use your phone or tablet as a monitor? Now you can.
Most phones feature an excellent screen, with high resolution and great contrast.
Why would you waste your budget on a bulky, heavy monitor, that needs extra batteries, chargers anwhatnot.
Just plug in the Luki#1 into your phone, and the HDMI output of your camera.
With Luki#1 you can mount your phone everywhere, in every angle, even for selfie shots.



Luki#1 also turns your phone into an external recorder.
Don’t waste your time, staring at progress bars, while downloading footage from your camera to your phone.
With Luki #1, it’s already there.
Just push the record button, edit with your favorite app and post it on the net.Yeah – it’s that easy.



Everybody is into live streaming now.
That front side camera of your phone is not exactly faltering, and also the backside camera can’t hold a candle to a DSLR, when it comes to image quality, and cinematic look.
Now you can use all the glory of your pro camera and lenses to go live.
All you need is Luki#1 and your phone, to make your streams stand out from the crowd.


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No Driver needed!
You can use any APP which support UVC video.